tIDE v1.2.3 Released

Nov 11, 2010 at 8:55 AM

Version 1.2.3 addresses a minor localisation problem related to the French language. The auto-scrolling feature has proved unwieldy  and has been removed. Tiles marked as additively blended are now processed correctly by both the xTile tiling engine and the editor itself. To provide a more convenient alternative to auto-scrolling, the it now possible to pan around the map view using the cursor keys. This causes the view to pan in steps equal to the tile size of the selected layer. When in selection tool mode, it is also possible to drag the view using the middle mouse button. 



  • Additive blending implemented for tiles marked as such
  • View scrolling using arrow keys
  • View dragging using middle mouse button when using the selection tool


  • French localisation issues in some interface elements
  • Auto-scrolling feature removed