tIDE v1.2.6 Released

Jan 2, 2011 at 12:06 PM

This version introduces support for the comma-separated-value (CSV) text format used by Flixel. This is a single-layer format that only stores tile indices and hence does not support multiple tile sheets. A multi-layer version of this format is also supported through the use of a ".flixel" project format. This is actually a custom format that keeps track of multiple layers, the associate dimensions and tile sheets used. This format is similar to the ".tide" format except that the layer data is stored in text files as per the single-later format.

Version 1.2.6 also introduces the ability to invoke a paint program of choice for a selected tile sheet, allowing the user to quickly effect modifications to the tile bitmaps. This, coupled with the auto-update functionality, enables a smoother level content work pipeline.

Further to this, the XNA integration tutorial available online is now also incorporated within the built-in help system for convenience.


New Features

  • Single and multi-layer CSV-based Flixel map formats
  • Ability to launch default or configured paint application to edit a tile sheet's image source
  • Added XNA / xTile Integration Tutorial within the built-in Help system


  • Added missing operations to layer and tile sheet nodes in the map explorer view
  • The application no longer complains if the Plugins directory is missing
  • Updated help system to cover all functionality implemented up to this version