tIDE v2.0.5 and xTile v2.0.5 released

Jul 19, 2012 at 10:58 PM

This release addresses some memory management issues within XnaDisplayDevice (kindly contributed by micklang) and implements fixes in the Clone() method of StaticTile and AnimatedTile. Finally, the Plugin Manager now ignores any files other than DLLs, (such as readme files etc.) that may find their way in the plugin directory.

tIDE Fixes

  • Plugin Manager filters out all non-DLL files in plugin directory.
  • Tile custom properties preserved during clipboard copy, tilebrush creation and editing within Tile Animation Dialog

xTile Fixes

  • Improved XnaDisplayDevice memory management (contributed by micklang)
  • StaticTile and AnimatedTile custom properties (including tile frame custom properties) are copied when Clone() is invoked.