Viewport Question

Apr 2, 2014 at 5:04 PM
"Regarding of the positioning of your sprites on the map, you need to take into account the viewport by subtracting it's top-left coordinates from your sprite's absolute map positions when rendering them on the screen. If you fail to do this, the moment you move your viewport, say to the right, your sprites will not correspondingly pan out of the viewport to the left. "

This was an answer posted on the forums a while ago. I have an understanding of what it might mean but I'd like someone to correct me if I'm wrong.

Does this mean, the player sprite will not move from its original starting position when the viewport moves? He'll just stay to the left if you do not subtract coordinates?

I playing around with XTiled and got the player to move around the map in that but when I move near the edge of a map, that part of the map isn't drawn. It's like as if the game only renders the top left of a map.