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Tools and Brushes


1) Mode "Lay tiles sampled from a selected region" does not work.
2) If the tool is not available at a given time, it is better to do it with the button is not active.
2) After clicking on the tile in mode "Pick tiles from the map", switch to "Lay individual tiles", or leave the selection mode of tiles, not drawing.
3) Mode "Lay a block of tiles" is not needed. It can be automatically determined by the way how much tiles is selected in the Tile Picker.
4) Who is fashion for a hefty Ribbon and just a huge icon. Perhaps this is a dangerous extreme. But 16x16 with a resolution of 1920x1080 - it is very small. I propose to increase the icons on the panel to 24x24, and on the toolbar - up to 32x32 (or allow the user to choose the size).
5) Saved custom brush is very inconvenient to choose from a small drop-down list. I would like to see them on a separate panel with scrolling. For example, an analog TilePicker window.


colinvella wrote Aug 12, 2013 at 2:24 PM

1) It does work.. but perhaps it is not intuitive to use.
2) Noted
3) The "block of tiles" tool is for filling a rectangular region with a tile selected from the picker - the latter does not support multiple selection
4) Given today's displays, the icons are arguably small. Perhaps I'll get to redesign the interface some time.
5) Noted.