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Saving file in TBIN issues


I seem to be having trouble opening files saved to a different folder from the folder it was opened in. For example my TIDE file and PNG files are in a folder called "Original" and I am saving the TIDE file in a different folder called "Altered", which does not have the same PNG files saved in it.

When I try to open the file in the "Altered" folder I get an error that says "An error occurred while opening the file. Details: Unable to load tile Sheet "People" with Image source F:\NPCS.PNG". But, if I have the same PNG files in the "Altered" folder, the error never happens, but I do not want copies of the same images, especially since I am not going to alter them in any way.

The weird thing is that when I use a hex editor to look at both types of saves, in the one that has the error or problem it does have "\NPCS.PNG", but in the one that works, was saved in a different folder and has the duplicated PNG files, actually has the "\Original\NPCS.PNG", which is strange for two reasons. One; I did not save it in the folder called "Original", which is where both the original "TBIN" and "PNG" files are, I save the alterations in the Folder that says "Altered", which brings me too reason two, of why it is strange. Two; it is strange because there should not be any difference between how each is saved, they should save the same way.

I believe that somewhere in the program it has an if statement that is somewhere along the lines of "if file PNG exists in Folder then X = "\" + FolderName + "\" + Filename else X = "\" + "\" + Filename. Now, I know that it is not the way an if statement is suppose to be written, but it is just an example of how the error may exist.