xTile Engine v2.0.3 released

Apr 13, 2011 at 10:00 PM

This release features an improved content pipeline processor and importer and the ability to specify properties to tile indices within tile sheets.

Tile index custom properties are accessible as follows:

// set custom property 'foo' to value 'bar' for tile index 3 of the tile sheet
tileSheet.TileIndexProperties[3]["foo"] = "bar";

// alternatively, if tile index of 'tile' instance is 3
tile.TileIndexProperties["foo"] = "bar"

// return value of property from tile sheet
string bar = tileSheet.TileIndexProperties[3]["foo"];

// or return from tile instance
bar = tile.TileIndexProperties["foo"];

All above are equivalent to:

tileSheet.Properties["@TileIndex@3@foo"] = "bar";
string bar = tileSheet.Properties["@TileIndex@3@foo"];

Setting tile index properties in tIDE: Until an interface for setting these properties is implemented (tIDE v2.0.2 or later), you can set the properties at tile sheet level using the @ notation as per the last example above.